GED Test Preparation Pricing

General Pricing

1. Readiness Assessment (RA): $150.00:

This assessment is administered at one of our GTA partner facilities. The RA is a 2.5-hour assessment that analyzes the skill-sets essential to success with the GED tests: Language Arts Reading and Writing, Social Studies, Science and Math. GED Achievement® provides each client with a written analysis of their results. The analysis communicates areas of strengths, and areas which require review. The RA analysis also provides our GED Achievement® coaches with the information required to effectively individualize coaching, and facilitates success.

The Readiness Assessment is often used as a “stand alone” instrument because it provides individuals, coaches, and agency caseworkers (when applicable) valuable information on ten academic skill sets in the areas of language arts, practical numeracy/math and essay writing.

2. GED Achievement® Preparation Program: $660.00

The GED Achievement® Preparation Program began in 1996 and has been recognized since 1999 across Canada and the USA as a condensed and highly effective program that allows capable adults to succeed on the GED tests at levels that match their real abilities and experience.

Our program includes 6 coaching sessions, a textbook, a GED-approved calculator, GED-A® proprietary material, plus 2 additional sessions which include the administration of the GED Official Practice Tests (OPT), and the OPT results review.

3. Final GED Tests: $100.00 (Payable to the Ministry of Education)

The Ministry of Education administers the official GED tests over a two-day period and issues the Ontario High School Equivalency Certificate. To register for the GED tests, contact the ILC at:

Additional GED Achievement® Services:

The GED Official Practice Tests, if done outside of the Preparation Program, is $150.00 to $190.00 depending on how it is administered, and the post-test service requested. For further information regarding alternative study options please contact us at

Payment Options

Please see Important Note (link) below. For those who qualify, financial support may be available.

*On behalf of the agency, GED Achievement® manages Ministry of Education GED testing and transcript fees; schedules and registers the candidate for final GED tests, and administers candidate documents. This value-added program* was developed in 2007 in collaboration with Toronto Employment, and is available to other social service agencies, community agencies, and insurance companies, etc.

Important Note:

Many employers encourage and support employees who do the GED Achievement® Program. The following is a partial list of employers who have financially supported their employees in the GED Achievement® Program: Toronto Transit Commission (TTC); Bank of Nova Scotia; Baxter Corp; Casino Niagara; Molson; Dortec; Honeywell; Kraft Foods; Magna; Mead Packaging; Sylvania; Rimply; Boeing; Tremco; Warner-Lambert; Welded Tube.

In Ontario, school boards, community colleges and universities are prohibited from using public funds for GED high school equivalency programs. However, Social and Employment Services (Ontario Works and LEAP) in Toronto, York Region, Halton and many other municipalities have financially supported their clients in our programs. ODSP and WSIB clients may also qualify for support. Contact us at if you need help arranging support from these programs. Very occasionally, Employment Insurance (EI and Reach Back) and ODSP also support persons in our GED Achievement® Preparation Programs.

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