Privacy Policy

Persons working with or for GED Achievement® have signed an Agreement with wording similar to the following:

We at GED Achievement® are committed to protecting the privacy of our clients. The GED Achievement® [administrator / coach / office / other worker] agrees to respect and maintain the confidentiality of all clients and institutional partners of GED Achievement®. These include but are not limited to corporations, school boards, agencies, and individuals. This confidentiality is related but not limited to knowledge acquired concerning the business practices, corporate structure, policies and procedures, workforce, security, and personal information of our clients.

Further, the [administrator / coach / office / other worker] agrees to be diligent in ensuring that client confidentiality is maintained by all for whom the [administrator / coach / office / other worker] may be responsible in his/her role of co-ordinating or performing GED Achievement® business and activities.

Internal and external emails, faxes, shared documents, etc., will include a notice similar to the following:

Note: This communication is privileged and intended for only the person(s) named above. This along with any attachments may contain confidential or personal information which may be subject to provisions of Freedom of Information and/or Protection of Privacy legislation. Any other distribution, copying or disclosure is strictly prohibited. If you are not the intended recipient please destroy and notify us immediately at 1‑800‑618‑6918, or fax 416-285-9578

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