Programs for Clients of Social Service Agencies & Other Organizations

Since the GED tests came to Ontario in 1996, the GED Achievement® Program has been available through school boards, First Nations communities, social service agencies, career counselling centres, private schools, non-profit organizations and other institutions.

With the increased confidence and self-esteem that comes with having reached their academic goals, many clients have moved permanently off support and into good, well-paying, permanent jobs – often within weeks of earning their certificate. Others have gone on to further skills training in community colleges and private schools.

Our program is of value to your agency if you have clients without a high school diploma (OSSD) but who possess good reading, writing, problem solving, and thinking skills. If they have a job or training opportunity awaiting them that requires a GED, our service is essential.

The GED tests and our GED Achievement® Program support job-finding plans. Your clients can access our public programs, or we can run an in-house program if there is a sufficient number of clients who are interested.

Where a service agency has arranged funding for a candidate, our policy requires that our coaches and administrators work closely with the appropriate workers and case managers. To date we have served clients in five regions and cities.

GED Achievement® works in co-operation with Social Services / Ontario Works in Toronto, York Region and other communities.

GED Achievement® has partnerships that can be used to meet the specific needs of your organization - whether it is the GED Readiness Assessment or the full GED Achievement® Program.

School Districts Join with Private Sector to offer GED Preparation

When the GED tests were adopted as the official Ontario High School Equivalency Certificate, major school districts partnered with GED Achievement®. Offering our program gives their continuing education clients access to a proven GED program.

Pricing & Funding

Many regional and municipal Social Services departments already fund the GED Achievement® Program fees for their Ontario Works clients.

If your client is receiving Employment Insurance (EI) or meets the HRDC Reach-Back criteria, our GED Achievement® Program meets the intent of the Skills Development Employment Benefit (SDEB).

If your client has a job, his or her employer may have an educational reimbursement policy that covers all or part of the GED Achievement® fees.

Given that a GED certificate can get your client permanently into a good job quickly, the reduction in support costs represents a very high rate of return on your GED Achievement® Program fees.

Our pricing structure comprises a per-person fee for each of the GED Readiness Assessment and our GED Preparation Program (which includes the textbook, GED approved calculator, and Official GED Practice Test).

If some of your clients have been laid off recently, the labour adjustment program may assist with the cost of the GED Achievement® high school equivalency program.

For specific information regarding the GED Achievement® Program for community service agencies, contact us at:

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